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Dark Gift ALLIANCE Resurrection

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Riverview Room, Jax Brewery Rooftop - Level 4, 600 Decatur Street , New Orleans

It would be our pleasure if you would join us for this spirited event!!

Featuring a premium open bar, fine hand-passed hors d'oeuvres, DJ, live entertainment, tarot readings, and a raffle with great prizes!

Dark Gift ALLIANCE events are inclusive, and welcome Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Fairies, and the like.

This event takes place once a year, in which a sacred truce is made and honored by many of the preternatural.

This peace is respected & enjoyed throughout the evening and until dawn of the following day.

The Dark Gift ALLIANCE will be followed by a free outdoor, open to the public ceremony & tribute in honor of Lady Anne Rice.

Live Music by: The Duane Bartels Band featuring special guest, Leona X

DJ: Razor of Simple Complexity: Altered Super Ego DJ's

Tarot readings by: Mademoiselle Kamille and L.e. Dubin

Ceremony to honor Lady Anne Rice performed by: Madame X of House of Dreaming

Our website will be kept up to date with all details of the event.

Please monitor our COVID-19 Health and Safety information for event safety guidelines.

Tickets available at: